incontro preghiera ragazzi It is one thing to remove the animal causing you sleepless nights, the remaining step is to repair the damage they most certainly made.The raccoons that have been living in your attic are doing more than just causing racket leaving at 8pm and waking you up as they return at 6am…they probably worked on tearing your soffit down a little more and left more waste in your insulation, roof and down inside the wall void in addition to tearing up the ductwork and phone lines inside. An equally important part of wildlife control involves identification of these damaged areas, and properly repairing all damage left behind. If you don’t fix the hole that the raccoons have made, what’s to keep future animals from entering the attic in that same hole?

After repairs have been made to the structure, feces needs to be removed carefully wearing gloves and respirators to protect from causing further issues. Depending on the severity of waste and damage, it may be necessary to fully decontaminating the attic, insulation etc with a fogging process. This will kill the bacteria left behind, eliminate the pheromones that bring back more raccoons in the future and eliminate the odor that can remain if untreated for months or longer!

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